Diversified Aviation Services

  • Aircraft Sales


    Conducting market evaluations on a regular basis for a variety of purposes keeps us current with the most recent data available. We track all recent sales, current deals pending, and new aircraft coming to market. Reviewing your aircraft to provide a detailed report on fair market value citing current availability and recent comparable sales, gives you the most accurate evaluation possible. We require sales exclusivity to keep the clients best interests as the priority throughout the transaction process.

    Before an aircraft is placed on the market, we can discuss a detailed marketing strategy covering all tactics best suited to selling your aircraft. This recommendation is based on our experience and knowledge of what works best in the current market environment.

    Exclusivity Program:

    • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
      targeted approach unique to each transaction, advertising in major industry publications, email/web campaigns, and professionally designed materials.
    • Market Updates
      including recent trends, pricing, availability, inventory and news.
    • Professional Representation
      let our reputation represent your interests discreetly.
    • Experienced Negotiation and Contract Management
      Our business is knowing the details.

  • Aircraft Acquisition


    Diversified is qualified to evaluate your specific objectives and help you understand the options when considering what aircraft best fits your budget. Buying the right airplane at a great price is the main objective.

    Global market knowledge means having the information shaping today’s business and commercial aircraft market. Intelligence is important when considering the value and availability of aircraft changes by the hour. Our experience is always available to support clients through each stage of an acquisition. Acquisition exclusivity keeps the clients best interests as the priority throughout the transaction process.

    Exclusivity Program Characteristics:

    • Professional consultation to select the right aircraft type
    • Identify the best available aircraft regardless of the market or budget
    • Review financing options
    • Negotiate the terms of the transaction in your best interest
    • Navigate maintenance and inspection issues
    • Preparation of the required documentation to take delivery
    • Delivery of the right aircraft at the right price
    • On-going support during ownership

  • Aviation Consulting


    Our most recent aviation consulting contracts:

    • Marketing Consultation
    • Certification & Technical Support
    • Product Development & Sales
    • Aircraft Sales & Marketing
    • Strategic Business Development
    • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Project Management


    We have the experience and expertise to handle any interior refurbishment project mandate. Our team is capable of delivering excellent quality on time and on budget.

    737-500 VIP Interior Project
    From concept to completion, DAS delivered a custom solution to an International Operator for charter. The project included a FAA Multiple STC for the interior components and certified to operate FAA Part 121.

    Global Express BD-700
    DAS represented an International Operator on a full interior refurbishment.

  • Product Development

    Product Development

    Our in depth knowledge of the aviation industry has contributed to our unique perspective on the market for products. DAS has a history of creating concepts and turning them into certifiable solutions. With experience on our side, we aim the product discussion to a target.

    DAS developed and certified the first non-powered emergency lighting system for aircraft in the United States. This ground-up process took years of research and certification to become a reality. Now, this product is on over 5000 planes worldwide as a green and fail-safe solution.

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